Production Security

Since our inception, PPS has played a pivotal role in some of the most successful reality TV series ever produced. We are aware of the unique liabilities that stem from the production of various types of reality/documentary TV series and over the years we have established proven methods that allow us to help your production company reduce liability while giving your crew the space needed to push creative boundaries. Our security agents can provide the utmost protection in difficult environments, which is crucial in the dynamic world of reality TV production.

PPS has proven techniques for handling cast without hindering the creative flow of production. We understand camera range, distance and creating a strong working relationship with local law enforcement, as well as consulting on security for locations to reassure a smoother transition for your cast and crew.

Additionally, we realize the importance of your company’s public relations with a hosting city. Our team will ensure the best interests of your production while employing tact and respect with members of the community.

Private Protective Services