PPS Inc. Agent Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

PPS Inc. Agent Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

The following routine activities contribute to effective operations, as well as the overall positive, professional and
dependable image of the security agent.

  1. Beginning of Watch (BOW) Procedures
    1. Arrival- Arrive by the shift start time, in full uniform, at the assigned post, briefed, fully equipped and ready to assume active duty
    2. Clock In (Shift Planning) - Clock in by using assigned user name and password.
    3. Check In (Point of Contact) - Check in with all applicable points of contact (client or on-site security supervisor) to advise them you are on site. If neither is on site, indicate this in your DAR
    4. Initial Sweep- If possible; conduct an initial sweep of the property for any potential safety hazards, vandalism, property damage or items left over since the previous watch.
    5. Entrances/Exits- Ensure you are familiar with the location of all regular entrances, regular exits and emergency exits to be used in the event of an emergency.
    6. Activity- Verify what activity or events are taking place on-site, location and time the activities will take place and any alterations to usual procedures.
  2. Ongoing Procedures
    1. Perform your site-specific duties as instructed.
    2. Ensure you are aware of your surroundings at all times.
    3. Avoid engaging in any non-work related activities (i.e. personal phone calls)
    4. Update your Daily Activity Report (DAR)- If required at your site, update the DAR at least on an hourly basis and in detail.
    5. Address incidents as they arise- If at any time you feel you have witnessed an incident, or something which appears to possibly be suspicious in nature, be sure to take the following steps:
      1. Evaluate the situation
      2. If possible and safe to, address the situation according to the Incident Response Plan
      3. Contact your direct supervisor or Operations Manager and report the incident at 646-244-5154
      4. Complete an Incident Report Form and ensure the office receives it. Reports can be faxed to 818-337-7394. To confirm the report was received, call the office at 818-312-9666 or the Operations manager at 646-244-5154.
    6. Breaks- Take your breaks in accordance with company policy, at the appropriate times, at the proper locations and only after making the proper notifications. NEVER LEAVE YOUR POST UNATTENDED WITHOUT MAKING THE PROPER NOTIFICATIONS.
  3. End of Watch (EOW) Procedures
    1. Final Sweep- If possible, conduct a final sweep of the property for any potential safety hazards, vandalism, property damage or items left over.
    2. Check Out (Point of Contact)- Check out with all applicable points of contact. If you are requested to extend your shift by the client representative, or your scheduled relief has not arrived yet, advise your direct supervisor or the Operations Manager immediately.
    3. Clock Out (Shift Planning). Clock out by adding a note and updating current location.

Incident Response Guidelines

Officer safety is of the utmost importance. Before becoming physically involved in any incident, always assess the situation and consider the following variables:

  • # of people involved
  • # of people injured or wounded
  • Potential for further destruction or injury
  • Vehicles involved
  • Types of weapons or potential weapons involved
  • Whether you are equipped enough to protect yourself if necessary— baton, pepper spray, firearm etc.